Conquering Babel

I've just e-published a short book on language learning. I'm a little bit proud of it, and prouder still that it's so affordable: £2.29 on, €3.44 on, and $3.99 on

It draws on my years' experience as a language tutor, and aims to be practical and easy to read. It answers questions like:

- where can I find a good tutor?
- what are some good self-study resources?
- how do I stay motivated?
- do I really have to learn grammar?
- why bother anyway?

It's a Kindle book, but you can actually read Kindle books on virtually any device. Click here for more info.

That said, if you'd rather have it in PDF, you can click
on the paypal button below, and I'll send you that instead.

What people have said so far:

It's a great book, because it's really short, and it's all about the West Wing and chocolate. It's just like having you in the room.
- Juliet, a current student (French, formerly in London, now over Skype)

It's a good book, full of your usual excellent advice and useful tips, very easy to read. I laughed out loud several times.
- Susan, a former student (Spanish, formerly in London)