Fall in love, and it might change everything. Your plans, your future, you. Maybe even your politics. 

Kate has taught French to dozens of people, but she's never met anyone like Brad, a diplomat who teaches her to love America and follow her dreams. However, an ambiguous friendship in Brad's past casts a shadow over what could be between them.

By 2035, she is a US Senator, enduring attacks from the opposition as she fights for a controversial bill As she reminisces from DC, she wonders if she and Brad both made the right choices with their lives... 

The most perceptive amongst you will notice that the author is not me. Or is she?

What I can reveal is that the novel is currently up on Authonomy, but read it quickly, before an agent snaps it up. And if you like it, please consider "backing" it - it takes just one minute to fill in their form, you get maybe two messages a year from them, and it makes a huge difference in the craziness of the x-factor-style competition. Thanks! :)