Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Some classic Belgian photos

A friend came to visit recently, which gave me the excuse I'd been looking for to play at being a tourist, while sounding all knowledgeable about things... And that included taking lots of photos of the quintessentially Belgian!

Mussels on the Grand Place - it had to be done. Highly recommed them - Provencal style in the restaurant just across the square from the Godiva shop.

Classically Belgian in its logic, this is, I think a not-so-subtle attempt to remind foreigners that the only acceptable accompaniment for chips is mayo...

The Cote d'Or shop near the Palais de Justice was an exciting find! Not only is it, well, full of every possible kind of chocolate, you can drink coffee there too... the banner claiming they were passionate (since the year... dot I think!) seems almost superfluous, the place speaks for itself...

And yes, they do a coffee + 4 fresh chocs of your choice deal... Perfect for a break from sightseeing!

Oooh, I love these! Can't get enough of them!

Well, yes. Predictable. But it's been a while since I took his photo. And he was very smart in Swedish national dress!

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poursomegravyonme said...

I suddenly want to have chips with mayo desperately.