Monday, 24 August 2009

Quirky things about Belgium #353

Well, it may be a lot easier to lose your cash card in a machine here (due to very little thought going into the design of the whole process... sigh!) but it's also a lot less hassle to resolve. You walk straight into a bank and they hand over a temporary card which works till your next one comes through. Brilliant.

Of course, it has to not happen anytime near a Saturday... because the thought of a bank being open on a Saturday, or a lunchtime, or any other useful time... shudder.

But, still!

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Laura and Ben said...

I was explaining the opening times of la poste to a new colleague today as she seemed confused that she couldn't get stamps at lunch time. This led to a conversation about our favourite Belgian things. We like the short escalators that turn themselves off when not in use. Couldn't really think of anything else in particular, despite the fact that I do love living here!