Saturday, 22 May 2010

Alphabet tweets

How, I wonder, does a Twitter trending topic start?

I loved last week's #lesserbooks thread, where people suggested titles like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Commerce, The Prunes of Irritation, or Modesty and Open-mindedness. It was a great Friday afternoon chuckle until the spammers got hold of it and clogged the thread. Grrr.

Anyway, who started it? Does anyone know?

And does anyone know how I can start my own? Because here is a game I think we can all play. Today, in the middle of Gent, I mentally updated my Facebook status to "Claire is aching for American adventure". Then I thought - wow, look at that alliteration. Maybe I should go through the alphabet. Creative writing prompt, or something. Mostly, just a bit of fun.

So, if you want to join in, add a comment to this post, or perhaps tweet with the hashtag #alphabettweet... How are you feeling? Your aim is to tell us with at least three words that all start with the same letter, and you're allowed an extra one in there for good measure.

Aching for American Adventure
Buzzing with Belgian Battiness
Crazy about Colin's Co-star
Dreaming of Dating a Dude
Eternally, endlessly elegant (okay, a little poetic licence there...)
Fearful of foreseen failure
Garrulously Googling the Gorgeous Good Guys
Healthily Hopeful about Her Holidays
Inquistive about Important Issues

And all the way to Zzzzzzz .... I'm too tired for this right now. Will finish another day though. Night all.


baresytapas said...

I have visited this blog by accident, but I found it quite interesting. You're doing a good job (and most importantly it's free). A greeting.

Wondering Roy said...

Wistfully waiting for a Walloonian Waffle?

Claire said...

Ha - brilliant! Thanks for joining in :)