Sunday, 3 October 2010

Computer Geeks needed!


I've just dropped my nifty little notebook thingy (Asus) from a great height onto an uncarpeted surface and strangely enough the screen is cracked, but worse, it says: "reboot and select proper device".

I don't know what this means - can anyone help?

It doesn't have a CD/DVD drive so I can't insert anything.

I really, really need to get to some of the data inside... (Yes, yes. I know. I thought I had backed up. I hadn't. Wrote one of my favourite scenes last weekend and now it's gone... Slap me on the wrists if you like, but please offer a solution. Thanks.)

And if you're in Belgium - can you suggest a GOOD computer repair shop in either Nivelles or Brussels? (other than AZERTY in Nivelles, because when I took in my computer last year they made the problem worse...)

Thanks :)

(smiley face? really? I feel like crying...)

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gwensdad2003 said...

If it was running when it dropped, there's a good chance the hard drive itself got damaged (which means, expect a total loss)
There may be hope, but until you get that hard drive put in another computer to test it, it's not likely to work again. :(