Sunday, 18 September 2011

Oh to be in a foxhole...

The more observant of you, or at least those of you who have read the post I wrote in the middle of the night, will know that I have just started a wordpress blog for professional purposes. (Don't worry, this one is continuing, precisely so I can write the kind of thing I'm about to write.) Wordpress is great in lots of ways - and awful in others - but one of the things I love is its daily writing prompt. They don't call it that, but that's what it is.

I hadn't decided I was definitely going to do it, but today's question was too good not to respond to.

What person, real or fictional, living or dead, would you want to share a foxhole with if you were on a battlefield?

I know you all know who I'm going to say, so I'm not really sure there's a lot of point to this blogpost at all, except that I haven't spoken to anyone all day apart from the woman ahead of me in the queue at Delhaize, and this feels like contact with the outside world.

So, anyway. Yes, Josh Lyman. But then I thought, yes, but Josh Lyman tends to freak out a bit in these kinds of situations. Plus, you know, ideal opportunity for a romantic moment, which would be wrong, since Josh belongs to Donna. (People about to accuse me of a spoiler, please note I'm not saying he ends up with Donna. I'm just giving my opinion here.)

So, and maybe this is just because I have just watched Somebody's going to jail, or maybe it's because I've met him in person and know that he would make a pleasant visual distraction from the fighting, or maybe it's the writer thing, or the caring sensitive thing, but maybe I would go for Sam Seaborn instead. Also, I don't know - Donna is always looking after Josh. In that situation I'd want someone to look after me, not the other way round. So maybe Sam is a better bet. Especially given the whole potential for romance thing.

Stepping away from the world of fiction (or, er, not), I think we all know who I'd actually go for. Someone a lot like Josh Lyman, only not married to Donna. (Again, I'm not saying Josh and Donna get married. So we're clear.) Someone who looks a lot like Josh Lyman, whose interesting conversation (and dimples) would no doubt distract me from the whole foxhole situation. And since I've seen him handle a gun, I'd feel safe, too.

How about you? Whom would you pick?

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Anonymous said...

It wasn't hard to guess and both Josh and his non-fiction double have their charms...
However, I'm a history nerd and the Peninsula Wars in particular so it has to be Johnny Kincaid. Dashing, funny and in love with his friend's wife but being decent about it. Also a soldier so would know what to do about being in a foxhole...