Monday, 11 June 2012

The Newsroom: a confession

I have a confession to make. 

I am a little bit afraid about The Newsroom

Let's face it, Studio 60 was no West Wing. Not even close. It was enjoyable, I will grant you that; I would happily have watched another couple of seasons of it. After all, not only was it written by Aaron Sorkin, not only was there much Bradley Whitford goodness, there was the very handsome Matthew Perry too, and the two of them had great chemistry. And the Christian-girl-falls-for-Jewish-guy plotline will always have a place in my heart, for reasons which should be obvious to anyone who knows me. 

But The Newsroom will have none of those things. 

Granted, I liked The Social Network, which had none of those things either. But would I have wanted to sit through episode after episode of it? No. 

I really wish I could believe that Aaron Sorkin's bright future is not, in the oft-repeated words of Bradley Whitford, behind him. But, alas - and it isn't often you get to use the word alas in a blogpost - I fear that nothing will ever compare to The West Wing

I long for more Sorkin brilliance in my life. I am afraid that The Newsroom will merely deliver Aaron Sorkin greatness. 

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Rastone said...

ALAS...I tend to agree with you. The West Wing was something that, I doubt, will ever be equaled. The cast of that show was a one in a million brillant group. Bradley Whitford haS SAID SEVERAL TIMES THAT THE REASON THE SHOW WAS SO GREAT WAS 1)THE WRITING, AND 2)THE ORIGINAL CAST..ALL OF WHOM WERE THEATER TRAINED. As much as I love Aareon Sorkin, I just don't think his new show will even come close. The only other writer that I think comes close is Mitch Albom..and he has only done one screenplay. Have A Little Faith was a wonderful book and movie. It also had several theater trained actors..Lawrence Fishburne,Martain Landau..and of course our awesome Bradley Whitford. enough Said....