Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Quirky things about Belgium, #355

Delhaize again for this installment of quirkiness...

So, in the spirit of enterprise, my local Proxy Delhaize (the biggest in Belgium apparently - though it's a bit like saying the biggest Tesco Metro - there are other Delhaizes which are way bigger, just aren't called Proxy - so I'm not sure it's really much of an accolade...) is, shock horror, not only open on Sundays, but also on bank holidays. This, for Belgium, is remarkable foresight.


They are the only supermarket open today.

If you were the only supermarket open in a town of 30,000 people on a bank holiday where most people have a day off and therefore will want to pop to the shop, might you perhaps order extra supplies of things, so that you have not run out of everything useful by 3 pm?

Yeah. Thought so.

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Laura and Ben said...

My local GB Express opens on Sundays and also bank holidays. However, it is shut on Weds to make up for the Sunday opening and if you're bank hol falls on a weds you're screwed.

I had to severely limit my tea drinking yesterday to avoid running out of milk...