Thursday, 28 January 2010

Not Just Waffle: get more from your Brussels trip

You know the drill. You are learning French, and excitedly book yourself a trip abroad to practise your new-found language skills. Then you get, say, to Belgium, and find that everyone wants to speak English to you. Or, that beyond “une bière, s’il vous plaît”, there actually isn’t much call for conversation. Where are all these French speakers who want to ask you all about where you live, where you went on holiday last year and what you think of the current government back home?

Or your company is relocating you to Belgium. You need to learn French. Where to start? Perhaps some lessons online followed up by the same tutor face-to-face once you get there...

Or perhaps you are popping to Brussels on the Eurostar for the day on a business trip. The meeting you are going to will be held in English, but wouldn’t it be nice to at least exchange some pleasantries before you start, in your clients’ native language? Always a good way to build a fruitful rapport, too...

You’re in Brussels for the day. You’d like to fit in so many things – but where to start?

With these as with so many other situations, Not Just Waffle is here for you! We exist to help you get more from your Brussels trip by combining language learning with guided tours in whatever proportion suits you.

Perhaps we can walk you round the main attractions of the city, while chatting in French.

Or sit down with you over coffee to discuss what a good route might be, and teach you some “survival phrases” for the day.

Or talk you through any topic from the history of Belgian chocolate to business etiquette, in French or in English.

Or just have that conversation about everyday things that you’ve been longing to have with someone other than your usual tutor.

Or even go over the imperfect subjunctive with you so you can wow them on your return!

Or... or... or.... The possibilities are endless, and endlessly personalised. If you’re in Brussels for any reason or any length of time, make sure you get more from your stay than just waffle(s) and extra calories ... call on us and see how we can help you.

Email us at languagetuition at gmail dot com. Together we will come up with the ideal solution for your time here, whether you are popping across for half a day, moving here indefinitely, or anything in between!

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