Sunday, 3 January 2010

Random Waffle, part 1

Dear readers, I am ashamed. Day Three of 2010, and already I have failed. "Ashamed" does not even begin to cover it.

Yes, I have failed: this may be the quickest I have ever broken a New Year's Resolution. This one was to work on my writing every day. Oops. Can Sundays be exempt? Perhaps. Let's hope so.

I am, at least, up to date with my Merriam-Webster "Word a Day" calendar, though already I struggle to list all three of them - so far, syncretic (as in, Belgium is a syncretix mix of expats, Flemish-speakers, and French-speakers), mash (an intense and usually passing infatuation; also: the object of infatuation. As in, well Josh Lyman I guess. Is that "passing", though? Time will tell.) Today's was something to do with poetry and started with u, I think. It referred to the final syllable at the end of a line. Anyone have a clue what I'm talking about? No? Me neither. I'm too tired. Sorry.

By the way, dear readers, who are you? And what led you to my blog? I'd love to know...


Claire said...

I've remembered. The word for yesterday was ultima. Not so difficult really!

Anonymous said...

Hey.. U KNOW why I am here!! I love to read what you have to say.. I ALWAYS find something that makes me smile or something interesting to think about.