Friday, 5 March 2010

Books that I would like someone else to write...

... because they'd write them far better than me, or I want to hear their take on it, or the whole point is that it's stuff I want to know without doing ridiculous amounts of research.

Or in one case, because if such a book existed, and were non-fiction, that would make me an unspeakably happy girl.

Making the horse drink...
How to motivate adult language learners to learn their verb conjugations

and its sequel

Blood from a stone
How to get adult language learners to use their imaginations

The Missing Years
Or my take on seasons 5 to 15 of the West Wing
by Aaron Sorkin

Find Me Valuable
(How an ordinary British girl won the heart of an ageing yet still desperately eligible Hollywood actor)

Destined for Greatness (or a far wittier title)
The autobiography of Bradley Whitford (with lots of photos, and plenty of inside info on the West Wing that we fans don't already know... and politics... and what it's really like to be an actor... and all that stuff)

American politics and history from the beginning for not-quite dummies
(aka reasonably intelligent Brits who knew nothing, literally nothing, about the US until they got addicted to the West Wing)

to be continued...

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Rastone said...

Yeah....I would LOVE to read some of those books too... BW's Autobio....And WW that's a great a=American Saga just waiting to be written ....Whw are U gonna start writing them??? Hmmmmmmm??????