Sunday, 21 March 2010

Reasons I should move to America...

1. I am fascinated by the US, its culture, its history, its people. So much to learn.

2. More sleep. Staying up to tweet people about Healthcare Reform and the like is playing havoc with my body clock.

3. Starbucks! (though if I refer you to the previous point, which may render this one irrelevant.)

4. To help Obama keep fighting the good fight and get him re-elected. (I'm almost certain he can do it without me, though.)

5. To live in a country whose politics I have some kind of grasp on, however shaky

6. (The alternative is the UK, and I'm not going back till the nation sees sense sometime in 2014.)

7. Sleepovers with two of my childhood friends. I bet it's still fun.

8. Not to have to worry about whether I will get to see the Good Guys when it comes out, and various other TV related things

9. To get a job in publishing in New York City, which is apparently the literary capital of the world

10. Which would also make it a great place to publicise my novels from

11. Unless of course I go and study political science at Harvard or Yale, and/or creative writing at American or Columbia. (Thinking big is quite the thing over there.)

12. My chances of meeting and marrying Bradley Whitford would be greatly increased.

12. As would my chances of becoming best friends with Janel Moloney. (Ditto Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, and Melissa Fitzgerald.)


Anonymous said...

#10....meeting Rosemary Stone and Rebecca Kabat

Claire said...

Ha! Definitely. Though, admittedly, a well-planned "vacation" would see to that.

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