Saturday, 20 August 2011

3BT: writing, coffee, and summer

1. I lie in bed, wishing I weren't awake, and inspiration strikes for the article I've been simultaneously excited about and terrified of writing. Three hours later, it's done, and I'm pleased with it, and excited that my name (albeit my pen name) is hopefully, for the first time, going to be in at the bottom of an article in a magazine that can be bought at WHSmith.

2. My new coffee machine gurgles and gargles and splutters, and makes me the perfect, grain-free coffee.

3. I put on suncream for the first time this year. It smells of holidays. After half an hour's swimming and thinking about my writing, I sit in the sunshine sipping at Schwepps Agrum', reading Mslexia (which, coincidentally, also has my name in this month). I feel tired and relaxed, almost as if I'd spent the day on the beach. I love the summer - better late than never.

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