Friday, 29 July 2011

3BT: books, the West Wing, and a nice famous person

1. Time to read. Not just on trains, and not even just in bed last thing, but curled up on the sofa in the middle of the day, too. Reading a chunk in one day is just great for really getting into a book like the Finkler Question. It's also great research for my next novel - I've got itchy fingers...

2. I re-watch what might be my favourite West Wing episode ever, or rather episodes, plural, because they're a part 1 and 2, at the beginning of season 2. I do this with a glass of wine and some actual real home-cooked food. I just don't think any TV will ever compare to this, so it's bittersweet, but it's certainly easy on the eyes. Unless you count the tears.

3. A Hollywood star does a really nice thing for a friend of mine, and I'm partly involved. He does it in a very understated way (and he is not normally understated), but that doesn't stop the few of us who know about it squeeing that he's amazing and we love him.

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