Monday, 14 December 2009

Quirky things about Belgium, #356

Ah, Brussels South Airport. "The friendly airport." How I wish I could say that I love you.

I'd like to love you for your ridiculous name. Possibly even more ridiculous than "London Luton".

I'd like to love you for your slightly-too-efficient security guys. My luggage will fit in the Ryanair measuring thingy. It will. Even if I have to bribe you with the chocolate I thought I was packing to give to my friends when I arrive, if you ever let me on this plane.

I'd like to love you, most of all, for your oh-so-efficient use of lighting in the toilets. Movement-sensitive. But only sensitive to movement close to the washbasins. Once people are in a cubicle, sitting still and attending to business, the light turns itself off. We have to shuffle back out, trousers round our ankles, to coax the light to come on again. Pure Belgian genius.

Such pure Belgian genius, in fact, that someone in an adjoining cubicle quips, "Ca a encore été inventé par un Belge, ca..." then apologises profusely for her assumption that "Belgian" sometimes means the same as "faintly ridiculous".

It's really okay. I live here. I understand exactly what she means.

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Laura and Ben said...

I've been trying to avoid air travel this year (easy for trips between Brussels, France and England). I claim it's for eco reasons but really, I just hate the whole flying and airport experience.
Have a great trip.