Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Happy birthday Aaron Sorkin!

Just pausing to reflect on the impact Aaron Sorkin has had on my life.

Without him, I might never have...

- known or cared about American politics
- known much or cared much about America, full stop (sorry, guys)
- visited DC
- been introduced to my very favourite actor
- been inspired to write the book I have just finished
- fallen in love with the English language
- known who Rob Lowe was (yes, I'm that culturally inept)
- gone to Hay to meet Rob Lowe, and ended up meeting another author who inspired me, listened to me, and may well be helpful to me later down the line...
- met Rebecca, who's now one of my best friends, and made countless other friends online

I realise I'm repeating the word "inspired". Which, when you come to think of it, is quite apt.

Aaron Sorkin, you can be my three beautiful things for today.


cornflakegirl said...

I'd forgotten how beautiful the English language could be until I started watching The West Wing, then I fell in love with it all over again. This may sound a tad mad but to me Sorkin is like a modern day Shakespeare.

Happy Birthday Aaron Sorkin.

Claire said...

Not mad at all. That's exactly how i feel.

Anonymous said...

It's true TV can change your life! Also and I do this because I would want to know, there's no e in Hay.

Claire said...

Thanks... I don't know why I always do that!