Monday, 13 June 2011

A West Wing wedding...

For those of us who follow the West Wing characters on twitter, yesterday was a lot of fun.

Charlie and Zoey got married in Manchester, New Hampshire. There was much merriment, despite the drama when Donna thought she was going into labour eight weeks early. Overcome with the excitement of it all, Josh forgot about his sensitive system and thought it would be fun to ride one of the Bartlet horses. Not having any clue how to make a horse stop, he then had to be rescued by secret service agents. Meanwhile, Gail the Fish stayed behind in DC and amused herself by swapping round the letters on the keyboards.

They also took the opportunity to highlight a couple of charities that people might want to donate to, in honour of Charlie and Zoey: the National MS Society and Missing Kids.

This morning, they are all hungover and perhaps a little grumpy.

Check out the #bartletyoung2011 hashtag. For those who doubt the reality of it all, there's a photo of Zoey in her wedding dress, and another of CJ and Danny arriving together.

Makes you wonder who these people are, running these accounts, though. Do they not have lives? Are they all separate people? Did they coordinate beforehand? Will Aaron Sorkin give them all jobs in his next show? We can but hope.

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Kay said...

Hey Claire,

I actually run one of the West Wing Twitter accounts (which particular one is my secret!), and I have to say, #BarletYoung2011 was absolutely delightful to organize and play out. There was definitely a lot of coordination before hand over email, but there was also a fair amount of spontaneity. One of the neatest things, for me, was seeing how many non-West Wing Twitter accounts got involved to give Zoey and Charlie their best wishes, or to comment on the hilarity.

For the record: we are not the same person. It would be far too much work for one person to tweet as all the characters! We're just a group of individuals who love TWW and hope to bring back a little bit of that wonder that the show used to instill in all of us.

As for Aaron Sorkin giving us jobs in his next show: I wish. :)