Monday, 8 February 2010

Keywords, part 2: searched for this week...

Funny, but most people seem to arrive at my website by typing in some kind of West Wing related query. I don't know why that is, really - can anyone help me?

But more on that later. This week, people also searched for...

- "Claire Handscombe"! Yes, me! Someone in Thailand, no less. It must have been me they were looking for, because as far as I know I'm the only one. Yep, the only one in the world. And "I'm anticipating every joke you could make right now". (There was another one years ago, but she got married, or maybe she only appears on page 15 of Google... all the others are me in all my various incarnations though. Plus there are a lot of me with different names. French pen name, English pen name, plus all my different business names. Really I'm almost as ubiquitous as Google itself. But a lot less famous.) Wonder what that was about. The only thing more exciting is when someone googles my pen name.

- "Blog hog Brussels"- erm, what?

- "Is Machelen and Mechelen the same place?" A perfectly reasonable question in a nation which has two names for every town (Brussel/Bruxelles, Gent/Gand), some of which are nothing like each other (Mons/Bergen - actually it's more logical than it seems but I won't bore you with the etymology!). Machelen and Mechelen are in fact NOT the same place, as I found out just in time the first time I tried to go to Machelen, and realised just in time that it wasn't Mechelen, which is also known as Malines. Confused? Try living here for a few months... you ain't seen nothing yet.

- "I miss Brussels." Ah, that's nice. It is one of those places you become attached to for no logical reason.

- "Greatest of Claire blogspot" - well, dear readers, I'll let you be the judges of that.

Many, many people wanting to know about various variations on "Janel Moloney pregnant". Well, all I know now is that she has been - she may not be any more. If anyone finds out about the safe arrival of what will no doubt be a beautiful baby, feel free to let me know - I am quite excited for her! (feeling as I do that we would be best friends if only we could meet... ah, fate! What a terrible thing you are when you are not on our side!)

"Amy or Donna West Wing" - well, that is the 64,000 dollar question, isn't it? (does anyone know why 64, by the way?) My own opinion on the matter is well known, and I will defend it to the death, and have done on many occasions, threatening in fact to throw anyone who disagrees out of the Facebook group I have created (ahem) for the "unhealthily addicted"... And this despite my objection to the disproportionate number of blondes in the West Wing and the fact that they end up with all the hot men.

"Sweater Donna West Wing" - she goes through a lot of argyle post-Aaron Sorkin... I noticed that because I suddenly found myself buying a lot and it took me a while to realise why.

"necklace seen on West Wing" - a great quote is by one of the many eccentric and stupidly posh British people (they do it with blondes, they do with Brits: come on West Wing, I thought you were above that kind of stereotype!) - "CJ, your necklace is a monument to bourgeois taste"... he also later says something about "retribution for Eurodisney" which makes me chortle every time. I like the Brits on West Wing. But still. Just saying.

"have you ever been to dinner with Janel Moloney" someone was quite insistent with that one. Stop with the torture. Please.

Also, many, many clicks on "Bradley Whitford". And of course, "I love West Wing".

And with that, it's a long time past bed time. And I'm sure you all stopped reading a long time ago anyway...

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