Friday, 19 February 2010

Searched for this week...

Recently, aside from the usual plethora of "Bradley Whitford" and "Janel Moloney pregnant" keyword searches on my blog (I particularly liked "Bradley Whitford Dimples"), I've also had the following...

RDV French bible week 2010

Yes, I'm going, but I have no available information at this time (as I've said before - only one thing better than meeting with God - meeting with God in the sunshine then spending the afternoons at the pool!)

It takes place during the last week of July at the Centre Chrétien de Gagnieres near Ales - nearest airport Nimes. Word of advice: be careful not to mistake your arrival time for your departure time, or you will have to fork out 100 Euros to fly to Marseille and get the train from there. I've heard.

the best job in the world grammar

Well, I don't know who would search for this, but at a guess - my future husband.

Weird things coming up in Belgium

I'm sure there are many, many of those, coming soon to a town near you. Possibly there already, in fact.

translate "destined for greatness" in Japanese

Wow. My short story isn't published yet, and someone already wants to translate it into Japanese already...? (those delusions of grandeur again...)

toby/donna fan fic west wing


Looking for a French teacher in Brussels

Well, that would be me. I can teach you French, English or Spanish, face to face in a Brussels café, or anywhere in the world over Skype. Feel free to get in touch at languagetuition at gmail dot com. You can check out my linkedin profile including recommendations at

Is there a claires in new york

No idea, but hopefully there will soon be a Claire there!

Also, here’s the thing. Somebody in Luton, Bedfordshire, checks my blog for updates several times a day, and has been doing so for some time now. I’m increasingly intrigued. Who are you? A literary scout? A potential suitor? Bradley Whitford’s undercoveragent? Feel free to say hi on a comment and let me know.

That is all.

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