Thursday, 25 February 2010

Twitter: the illusion of connectedness

It's a funny thing, this cyber space lark. Possibly even a quirkier place than the strange but endearing country where I find myself living.

A few months ago, I had my first Direct Message on Twitter from a properly famous (and very cool) person. That I was beside myself with excitement goes without saying. That he then re-tweeted me not long after, and THEN started "following" me was further fuel to my cyberglee. That he hasn't unfollowed me since is even more of a miracle. (Especially given my frequent and over-enthusiastic mentions of, gushings over really, one of his major rivals.)

Then there was yesterday. Oh, yesterday.

The person with whom I would most like to communicate is either not on twitter ("I don't tweet on the first date," he once said in an interview - guess there'll have to be more than one date, then) or, more likely, hiding under a false and unguessable name. But I do exchange tweets with several people whom he knows, several with whom he is currently working in fact. And when I say exchange tweets, I mean they actually message me too. This is amazing to me. I don't know why it should be - they are, after all, only people, aren't they? - but there you are, it is.

And yesterday one of them offered to pass on a message for me.

I think.

He may have been joking, but that would be cruel, unspeakably so.

Why should this have me bouncing up and down and unable to concentrate on what was a more than decent Gilmore Girls episode?

It is completely irrational. It is not even as if I have met the guy. I am no closer to the second date after which we would presumably tweet each other directly.

The illusion of connectedness. That's all it is. And yet, surprisingly powerful, intoxicating even.

Go figure.

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