Wednesday, 15 December 2010

3BT: books, buses and babies

1. I laugh out loud, several times, on the tram, at The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. I am enjoying it so much that I don't care about the funny looks I get.

2. A bus driver on a break opens his doors for me. He's reading a big thick book novel, with his feet up on the steering wheel, tells me to make myself at home, then reconsiders and we clarify that I shall do so within reason. Another bus comes along, due to leave first. "Fancy a sprint?"he asks me, and lets me off.

3. I have a random moment daydreaming about Josh and Donna. Donna is feeding their baby boy orange puree of some description. Josh is excited by the potential for speech in his son. "De-mo-crat," he repeats over and over, and gets excited when the baby says something like "damaca". "I'm trying to get him to eat," says Donna, rolling her eyes. "This is spiritual food," says Josh. Yes, yes. I will write this fic. It was a beautiful moment in my head, though.

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