Wednesday, 8 December 2010

3BT: tea, encouragement, and who knows what lies ahead...

1. A friend comes to my rescue with some non-posh teabags. They taste like home.

2. The mum of one of my students emails to tell me that according to a teacher, her daughter's work has substantially improved since I've been teaching her. She definitely smiles more than she used to in my lessons, as well.

3. "Nine and Counting: the Women of the Senate": I am reading it as research for my novel, and finding myself increasingly challenged and inspired; remembering a prophetic word over me, "you will speak against injustice"; and wondering if it's entirely coincidental that the character in my book who is a little like me has ended up in politics because of a man called Brad. I am suspecting again that this whole West Wing thing may well be a God thing. I am excited, and a little nervous, but I will try to think of a metaphor that does not involve pregnancy.

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