Wednesday, 4 May 2011

3BT: the book, unexpected music, and my fantastic job

1. Oh, so many wonderful comments about my novel, and the admittedly ephemeral pleasure of being Number One on the Authonomy site... "I want another chapter... I need another chapter!" says one guy - yes, a guy - and then four hours later he reiterates, "I need another chapter! I want to know what happens next!"

2. On Avenue Louise, a man in a dinner jacket plays the trumpet from the inside of a car, with the window wound down. He addresses his music to a woman walking along the street. She laughs in flattered pleasure.

3. I spend part of a lesson flicking through OK! and discussing Kate Middleton's wedding dress in a mixture of French and English. Sometimes I can't believe my job isn't a hobby.

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Anonymous said...

Hi claire,

an old college friend here.well done with your book! Am writing myself and am proud you made it to the other side. do you have an email address I can contact you on. I am not a blogging nor facebook nor tweeting fan

from selwyn