Monday, 2 May 2011

How you can help me get published...

You know the novel I've been yabbering on about for months? Well, a sneak preview of is now available!

If you wanted to drop by and read anything from a paragraph to 15,000 words - please feel free!

If you want to comment, back, or rate me, it could help me get published too, so needless to say I'd really appreciate that... and if you're feeling like you want to be super helpful you could post the link to your Facebook wall too.

The site is run by publishers HarperCollins, so it's totally legit - no worries there! They ask you to register but it only takes a minute, and you don't get spam.

Advert over!


Unbiased Blogger said...

Done my bit for the coalition, missy:) And it seems that, even without my little contribution, you're a literary star in the making anyway... go girl!

Claire said...

Thank you, oh Unbiased Blogger!! Thank you so much... I'm pretty excited, not sure I will be able to sleep tonight!!