Tuesday, 10 May 2011

3BT: novels and iPods and magazines

1. In my inbox sit four versions of the cover for my novel. I love them, and I'm so grateful to a Twitter friend whom I've never met, who took the time to design them.

2. I ask another taxi driver if he's found an iPod. It's the fourth time I've mentioned it since I remembered leaving it in his car this time last week, but I wasn't ready to give up. "No," he says, "we've checked." Then, "hang on, what does it look like exactly? It is a thing with earphones?" He pulls out my little pink nano from his glove compartment. Hooray! I can now catch up on political geekery to my heart's content.

3. My Writing Magazine awaits me in my postbox. The May issue took forever to arrive, so I'm delighted to be receiving this one just a few days after it comes out: the same day, in fact, that it arrives in American "stores". Three cheers for globalisation.

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cornflakegirl said...

great news about getting your ipod back.