Thursday, 7 July 2011

3BT: Authonomy, magazines and toothpaste

1. I spend most of today on Authonomy. I didn't mean to; it just happened. I find some great books, and am buzzing with my new backings. It's a lot of fun, in a nerdy kind of way.

2. The magazine I write for comes, complete with my article on learning a language. They've called me a 'language tutor and writer'. They've highlighted my favourite sentence - something about not doing your homework between lessons being like not cleaning your teeth between dentist appointments. And they've called it 'Speaking in Tongues', which amuses me.

3. Speaking of teeth, I have a new type of toothpaste today. Its colour reminds me of Blue Minty Gel, which I loved in my childhood and have missed: one of my earliest memories is trying to dilute it in water so that I could drink it. Well, this new toothpaste tastes very similar. Thank you, Colgate.

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Gods_Girl26 said...

Sounds like you had a great day!!! It seems we have something in have an I pad and I have a zoom tablet.