Tuesday, 5 July 2011

3BT: encouragement, taxi drivers, and friendship

1. I wake up still smiling from all the encouragement I got from my writers's group yesterday.

2. A different taxi driver picks me up. He hasn't smoked in his car and he doesn't drive jerkily, and this plus the sunshine puts me in a good mood. We chat, and he tells me he's not a true 'aclo' - the word for a purebread Nivellian. He was born in this town and one of his parents is from here, but that's not enough to count. When I tell him I'm Enlish, he says I have no accent (which I don't, being half-French, but Belgians often like to tell me they can hear one). If every taxi driver were like him, I'd have chosen a different topic for my Gotham Writers Workshop assignment on 'something I hate'.

3. A friend is having a tough day, and I'm there for her at just the right time.

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Anonymous said...

In how many Countries is it a surprise that the driver is not smoking?! AGAIN I saw a smoking bus driver today!