Saturday, 2 July 2011

3BT: an early Saturday, writing, and reading

1. I make it out of bed well before 9 am on a Saturday, and discover it's actually quite a nice time of day to be out.

2. It would be too hard to choose one moment of the "One Day I Wrote" workshop - the reason for my early departure from home - so here is a sample: discovering a fab new place to hang out in Brussels, meeting great new people, writing a story in 45 minutes, talking to a Real Live Author, and hearing nice comments about it ("you can tell you're a professional", says one new friend when I tell her I do some journalism).

3. Part of the day is a book swap. Since I took two along, I come away with "Nocturnes" and "Bel Canto", both of which have been on my to-read list for a very long time. "Nocturnes" will be next - i needed a shortish book to counterbalance the long, long reads I've embarked on lately.

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Gods_Girl26 said...

I have found myself up before 9am too on the weekends lately, and yes I agree it is quite nice. I hope you enjoy your time in Brussels and enjoy reading your new books.