Friday, 29 April 2011

3 BT: royal wedding, meeting a hero, and a random happy London moment

1. After almost five hours on my feet, not seeing much, pushing, being pushed, and wondering if maybe a sofa and a TV might actually have been a wise option, it's all worth it: I'm one of the people who stands at the gates of the Palace as Prince William and his new bride Catherine step onto the balcony to greet the crowds.

2. I'm waiting at stage door for Richard Schiff to come out and sign things. Two other people approach me, tell me they are new fans of the West Wing. I feel, of course, an instant kinship. I stand with my arm around him for a good couple of minutes while photos are taken. "It was me, right?" he says, when I ask for a second picture because the first was not brilliant.

3. A group of friends in their 20s play Simon Says on the Tube. The woman next to them smiles.

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