Saturday, 2 April 2011

3BT: cereal, babies, and friendship

1. I eat my way through a bowl of Sainsbury's pecan nut cereal, which the friend with whom I am staying has bought especially for me, remembering what I'd forgotten: that I'd once bought the Tesco version and refused to finish it on the basis that it just wasn't the same. (I have to admit, that certainly sounds like something I'd say.) To be known and thought of to that extent is truly priceless.

2. Another friend holds his son upside down in an attempt to make him laugh, revealing a Bob the Builder nappy. "Can he fix it?" I ask the two-year-old. "Yes he can!" he responds, without hesitation.

3. The friend whose wedding I have come back for hugs me at the end of the night and says "I wouldn't have wanted to do this without you; it wouldn't have been right." In that moment the journeys, the cost, the emotional price of weddings all seem worth it.

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