Thursday, 7 April 2011

3BT: grammar, sunshine, and writing

1. I spend a happy hour being paid to talk about adjectives, pronouns, and agreement in gender and number. Normally, we just chat and read text, and at 8 am this is all I can manage, but today, a full hour of grammar energises me. I hope it wasn't torture for her.

2. Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. This may not be the last time I mention it. It lifts my mood, makes me hopeful about the possibilities that lie ahead rather than depressed about my rejection from the course in DC that I was hoping was my ticket to adventure (and romance).

3. My friend comes to talk to me unexpectedly about writing. She has that look in her eye: I know that look. Equal parts excited, terrified, inspired, hopeful. She's working on a novel. I am excited for her, and excited for me, because a writer friend is a valuable thing.

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