Saturday, 9 April 2011

3BT: seriously, only three?

1. New season, new clothes. It felt good, and according to my friend, it looked good. It's amazing how much difference a little thing like that can make. Thank you, Pepperberry!

2. A moment that caused me to be blown away by the goodness, love and sovereignty of God.

3. A satisfying ending to a fun, well-written, DC-based book: "Sammy's House" by Kristin Gore. Bridget Jones meets the West Wing - highly recommended if you enjoyed either of both of those.

Oh, and so much else. Brainstorming subplots, and their slowly starting to form. The excitement of current American politics. Homemade chocolate cake. My favourite Studio Sixty episode. And I was asked today what the high and low points of my week had been - it took me a while to think of a low point. This is not a usual thing for me - looks like writing this is doing wonders for my outlook!

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