Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Three beautiful things, and all of them before lunch

1. I wake up to the weekly email from my writers' group. Great excitement this week as we have Claire reading out the opening chapter of her novel-in-progress. Not long later, another email lands in my inbox from a new friend I made at our writers' retreat: I know your West Wing-inspired novel is gonna kick a$$, she says, so I’m coming along with my ears wide open and my pencil sharpened. Do your thing!

2. My first lesson of the day is cancelled - and, thankfully, a hunch pre-warned me - and so instead of sitting endlessly on trains and trams and buses, I wander down to the Pain Quotidien for a late breakfast, and sit in the gorgeous sunshine, reading Hillary Clinton's autobiography and remembering another sunny day, when I picked it up outside a house in DC, from a box marked "free books". (Are there any more beautiful words in the English language?)

3. A text arrives from friends whom I love very much, telling me their second son has been born. This was a long-awaited child, and appropriately they've named him Isaac - meaning laughter.

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