Thursday, 1 April 2010

Erratum: Starstruck part 2

I would like permission to revise and... oh, what's that phrase? You know, the one from the US Senate?

Anyway, permission to change my mind about something. When I said yesterday that Rob Lowe tweeting me was more exciting that Janel Moloney's signed photo, I may have been overstating it a little. I'd say they were, in fact, tied. (Nationally.)*

I've just taken my Janel picture back out of the envelope again and I have to say it is rather cool. Especially as I get two pictures for the price of one, and not just because ebay messed up and also sent me the one I didn't want where she doesn't really look like her, but also because it's the picture where she's standing with her White House pass round her neck - where there is also a photo of her. A picture within a picture. I'm sure there's somewhere I could go with that, if I wasn't so tired from staying up late getting excited about my tweet from Rob Lowe.

But, anyway. I love my Janel picture, and the fact that she has signed it. That is all for tonight.

* Sorry, couldn't resist the obligatory Josh and Donna reference...

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Rastone said...

Way to go... 2 for 2! Keep up the daily accounts... Looking forward to readin all you have to say!!! Hope your Good Friday s a blessed one!