Friday, 2 April 2010

So, here's the thing. How many words do I have to write for a blog post to count for National Blog Posting Month?

Because I have a half-written existential post about where home is and stuff scribbled in my notebook, but I am just too tired to put it into decent English.

It's been a long day - six hours of trying to ram English grammar into some Belgian brains (tongue between your teeth, I need to see your tongue - yes, that's it - no, not a "d" sound, no, no, not a "f", no, no, not a "z"... never mind...); packing; Eurostar journey during which I no doubt irritate everyone by laughing out loud at the latest Best of the Left podcast - particularly the British section.

Then after arriving in London, poking my nose in a bookshop and a Costa (oh the smells of home) I had the most enjoyable Indian meal I've ever had. Impeccable service with a smile; stylish plates; free Tia Maria; free chocolate; glasses that were refilled with tap water without our having to ask. AND the food was nice. Way to go, Clapham Tandoori. Or so I would say if I were, in fact, American.

The evening ended with my occasional Friday night ritual - a random Bradley Whitford film: Bottle Shock this one. There was France, and there was wine, but sadly... all I will say is, the things we do for the love of an ageing but very lovely actor.

Definitely bedtime now, though.


Rastone said...

So it's been a long day, huh??? And I assume you were not impressed with our Bradley's performance in Bottle Shock...I haven't seen it..but was told it was very brief and forgettable. BUT really Claire.. Ageing??? He is ONLY 50. Don't put him in the nursing home yet!! I admit his appearence on Sarah Silverman was not the BW we all know and love..but I ahve seen recent pics of him and with his hair back to it's normal curly lenght...he is looking more like himself. I have almost 10 years on him..and I like to think that I am much like a beautifully aged wine...just getting better and better. Beadkey and me...fine wines and getting finer!

Claire said...

No, no - Brad was fine, of course, more than fine, though suddenly I thought he looked like Robin Williams and that freaked me out, because, let's be honest, Robin Williams irritates me. And I dont fancy him in the least.

Also, I cannot get my head around Brad's not being sexy in glasses.

But his part was about a minute long and the film as a whole... well, forgettable, let's just say that. One T or 2? Who knows.

He was wearing shorts, though... :)

And on the ageing, hey, we are all ageing in our ways - and he is 19 years older than me - so...! but yes, a fine wine indeed, and hopefully a better one that those in the film...