Friday, 9 April 2010

If an alien from another planet...

...came to earth and picked me to study, what would they find?

I stumbled across that prompt on LiveJournal and felt duly rebuked. (Though, not rebuked enough to get off Twitter immediately and sleep, which is what I really should have done.)

If they studied me at this point in time, they would be surprised to find that we humans spend a lot of our time communicating via a machine with people we have never met about other people whom we have never met. They would probably wonder why we do this.

Why do we do this?

Why do I?

Possibly it's the same reflexes that used to cause me to always be the last to leave a party: the fear of being left out. If certain topics or certain people are being discussed on Twitter, then I should be there. Even if the people discussing it are in an entirely different time zone and it's therefore the middle of my night. Even if, other than sleeping, there are a million other things I could or should or even want to be doing: reading books, writing, watching intelligent TV, journalling - and yes, even spending time with God. There. I've said it.

This is a bad, bad thing. And I need to sort it out. So, dear online friends, I'm going to try and turn you off and go to sleep at a reasonable hour from now on... I've said it before, I know. But hopefully this time I mean it.


fiona lynne said...

oh i completely understand and fully support this move :)
i have had weeks or months when something took over my life which was completely not worth it. good in it's own right? yes. but so not worth the lost sleep, the hours spent indoors and yes, the lack of time spent with the one I'm supposed to love most.
good luck and text me if we need to stage an intervention, he he!

fiona lynne said...

oh and p.s. that's a very challenging question. I feel everyone should be asked something like that eveyr six months or so, just to keep ourselves going in a direction we are happy with!