Wednesday, 28 April 2010

An introspective look at blogging

As April chugs to its much-anticipating end, I've been asking myself why? Not why as in the meaning of life, though I have had some deep, existential thoughts of late. I mean, why do we blog anyway?

I know I've taken why I've taken up nablopomo (National Blog Post Month for the uninitiated): as a discipline thing. Yes, discipline: that thing that is sadly lack in all areas of my life, especially internet-, money-, sleep- and west-wing-related areas. I thought it would do me good, and it kind of has. I also thought I needed to up my daily word count if I'm ever going to be any good at this writing thing. You can be the judges of whether that's worked, but please be nice.

But why blog in the first place? I mean, why not just write things down in a pretty notebook like people used to in the old days? Come to think of it, like I used to in the old days?

Is it a product of being an external processing extrovert who lives alone and works for herself? Well, yes, that's true for the venting posts. But I don't know if you've noticed, I haven't vented in a while.

Is it general helpfulness to the expat public? Maybe.

Is it so that all my friends back home can follow my, ahem, adventures? Well, if it is, I've failed: most of my readers seem to be in America. (Including Dallas, Pasadena, LA and New York. Some of you will know why those places are exciting. The rest of you can ignore this little aside.)Also, as you've probably noticed, reading this blog will actually tell you very little about my life and how I'm living it, other than that I'm writing a book and that I love the West Wing. Hopefully, anyone who has ever spent five minutes with me will be well aware of both of those things without having to log in to anything.

Is it because I sometimes want other people's opinions, as on my Sarah Palin dilemma? (I've solved it by the way - a sticker that says "my other book is Obama's"... I don't normally deface books, but think I could make an exception with this one.) Welllll, yes, but only if their opinions do not diverge too greatly from my own. As my oboe teacher said yesterday, referring I think to my reed, "she doesn't like to be resisted".

Is it because, as stated elsewhere, I have the fragile ego of an aspiring writer? That it occasionally needs stroking?

Hmmm. I suspect there may be a little more in that one than I'd care to admit. My obsessive checking of statcounter and comments would support this theory. Although I'm always surprised by what people actually do comment on, and it's invariably not the things I hope they do. (All comments gratefully received, though. Really.)

Fellow bloggers, tell me. Why do you do it?

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Laura and Ben said...

I started blogging when I moved to Belgium, hoping to keep in touch with with my family without needing to repeat myself all the time.

Then I realised that actually, quite a lot of people blog around here and I might like to meet some of them.

At the moment I think I just like it when my boyfriend comes home and tells me that he thinks something I've written was funny.