Wednesday, 21 April 2010

on my blog this week...

Wow. For the second time this week my blog has had over 100 hits today. I'm quite happy about that, even though I know, I know, that it is fact entirely meaningless in terms of anything that really matters.

More excitingly, it seems that my readers are diversifying: "only" about fifty percent of them reach me through "Bradley Whitford" these days. I mean, I even had "Lauren Graham": see, not West Wing related. At all. Even though I am plotting some crossover fan fic where Rory goes to work for Josh Lyman, and Lorelai was in fact Josh's first kiss. I think they would've made a great couple. For a time, obviously.

Anyway, moving on from the West Wing, I've had some interesting keywords this week. I particularly loved "Claire the inevitable". Kind of like "Jude the Obscure", I thought. Or "Ivan the Terrible".

I also had "Reasons not to move to Belgium", which seems a little harsh. But sometimes a little bit fair too. In the nicest possible way. For example, when it snows, the country does not come to a grinding halt: you still have to go to work. And you don't get a free phone with you mobile contract. You will never get your head round the politics here. And, oh heartbreak, you will not be able to watch the Good Guys, featuring Brad and his moustache. All of which may or may not be a small price to pay for all the chocolate, and stuff. Depends on your point of view.

To the person who asked "why when I go to church it makes me cry", I want to send a hug. And to say that sometimes that happens when God is touching your heart. And that although it's often uncomfortable, and usually painful, having Him touch your heart is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you, and the most transforming. In a good way. Hang in there.

I'm bemused that the person who typed in "Actuapress mag Obama" got sent to my page about the reasons for Inevitable. I'm a good person to come to for Actuapress mag (Have I mentioned that I'm writing an article for them about The Good Guys? Have I mentioned how excited I am about it?No? Wonder what happened there. Will proceed to remedy that immediately.). I'm also a good person to come to for Obama, not because of my knowledge but because of my enthusiasm. (As, in fact, with so many things. I am, after all, a feeler type on the Myers Briggs scale.) But it's odd that this should lead to my blogpost about my novel, because how does Google know Obama gets a mention or two in my novel? Spooky.

"Reasons why the West Wing women blog". Intriguing. Am I a West Wing woman? I don't think that much blogging goes on on the show itself. (Before you all jump to the comments section -yes, I know there is some.) Why do I blog? Well, many reasons. Actually, quite a good topic for another day, too. But did they mean why do we blog about the West Wing? Many, many reasons. Perhaps mostly to keep the dream alive...

"Now is my time". I like this, and I like that it led to my blog. Perhaps it's a sign.

Though mainly a sign that I should go to bed. Thursdays start early...

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