Thursday, 15 April 2010

Half way through...

It's 15th April, so I've made it to the half way mark... phew. Nothing is going to stop me now.

If only I could think of something to blog about.

Beyond, of course, the whole nablopomo is revolutionising my life thing. It's mostly really hard work. But I do believe the discipline is good for me, just as I believe that one day my oboe might sound less like an out of tune duck. (Which begs the question of what an in-tune duck might sound like, but anyway.)

Topics that have come to mind so far include how profoundly irritating it is that no one cares about voters abroad seeing the leadership debates, when anyone with internet access, anywhere in the world, could, and did, watch the healthcare debate in the US which, while monumental, is, you know, not quite the same as my own country potentially imploding.

I could also write about how jealous I am over something tiny and pathetic and how I really ought to sort that out. (Actually, I did draft that post yesterday, but now feel too ridiculous to actually "publish" it.) Relatedly, I could list all the reasons that exist for loving Bradley Whitford; and my considered opinion on the whole him-not-tweeting thing. Bet you can't read to read that.

I haven't finished answering all Jack Heffron's questions about the reasons for Inevitable, yet, either. Or talked much about how challenging and inspiring I am finding John Eldredge's Walking with God. Or about how heart warming it was to find out that an actual real life friend of mine actually reads my blog. (I checked - she said "you write about living in Belgium, being an author, and the West Wing". So she wasn't bluffing.) Or, in fact, about how the DCCC don't appear to have contacted me to ask for my help in the upcoming mid-terms; or my new life plan, which involves a journalism course, right before my politics and/or creative writing course in DC and/or New York. (You see, it's not so much a plan as a set of options.)

Actually, that is quite a few topics, isn't it? Which of those would you like me to write about first, dear reader(s)?

And for those of you out there doing nablopomo, how's it going? Where on earth do you get your inspiration from?

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Laura and Ben said...

Being jealous! Being jealous! It makes me feel better when someone else gets jealous of stupid things...