Wednesday, 7 April 2010

London, assessed

(I know a list of bullet points may be a little lame for a nablopomo post, but it's late, I'm tired, and I have done some proper writing today, so I don't feel too guilty.)

So far, in London, I have been impressed by:

- bookshops that are open, like, all the time
- normal sized lattés
- the lady in the Odeon cinema who reminded us about Orange Wednesdays, which then funded my Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough and (flat) Pepsi Max
- the Clapham Tandoori - stylishly presented, delicious food and amazing service

Unimpressed, however, by:

- the service in the Currys on Tottenham Court Road - seriously, someone needs to teach these guys how to address a customer. One of the girls was good, though.
- the man outside Warren Street tube who told me Goodge Street was right when it was in fact left, causing me to wander the streets aimlessly for twenty minutes looking for the café where I was meeting my friend
- the lack of helpful street signs. Well, not lack exactly, but this is one thing the US does better. Sigh. Don't let me down, please, Great Britain.

To be updated... :)

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