Friday, 16 April 2010

I love Bradley Whitford because...

- Most obviously, he's an amazing actor (and if you don't believe me, please immediately go and watch the West Wing episode from series 2 called Noel)

- He's a brilliant writer (more West Wing based evidence: Internal Displacement and Faith-Based Initiative - in the latter I particularly loved the CJ/Danny scenes). (I've since found out he writes 1,000 words a day. This has done nothing to cure me of my crush.)

- He's a passionate, reasoned, active Democrat. (That's a lefty, for those unfamiliar with US politics and/or my views on such matters.)

- Everyone who has ever met him says he is an all round nice guy, and their stories corroborate that: that he has managed to stay that all around nice guy in the corrosive Hollywood atmosphere is doubly impressive.

- He's articulate: eminently quotable, and often inspiring and funny with it. Still hoping for the day when the guys at Quotable Cards put him on a stamp - I mean, a notepad. (See his commencement speech from the University of Wisconsin-Madison for just a tiny tip of that particular iceberg.)

- He engages with his fans, signs autographs, hugs them even. Hugs them! When does it get to be my turn?

- He's a devoted father, and although it went wrong and all, seems like he has it in him to be a devoted husband. "My heart is so full of you..."

- He reads a book a week. How can he not be my soulmate? Plus, people who read a lot always have lots of interesting things to say, and are usually great Scrabble players.

- He's, let's face it, not bad looking. Dimples, fluffy hair, and all.

And,of course, I get him mixed up with Josh Lyman, and with the Brad in the novel I'm working on, with whom I am supposed to be in love when I'm writing in character.

There you are. Lamest topic for a blogpost in days, but the combined power of twitter, the upcoming UK election and chatting till too late with some lovely new friends tonight mean I am far too tired to contemplate writing anything too deep. Yet nablopomo demands that I nevertheless come up with something... so I thought I'd return to my tried and tested subject. It had, after all, been a while.

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